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02 October 2005

Review: Visions of Light

Visions of Light is a documentary made in 1992 about the art of cinematography. The documentary starts at the beginning of the history of film and explains the ever evolving art of cinematography. Throughout the movie several directors of photography (also known as cinematographers) are interviewed and asked questions that pertain directly to what exactly cinematography is and how it has become what it is today.

The first segment of the documentary focused on the era of silent films. Many of the cinematographers expressed that this era was excellent for cinematography because they were forced to tell a story visually and without dialogue. It was noted that once movies with sound came in that there was a drop-off of quality in a lot of the movies. As the industry evolved from black and white to color the cinematographers explained various techniques of lighting and camera angles to tell a story.

After viewing this documentary it has become obvious to me that the cinematographer’s duties are as important as anything when it comes to making a good overall movie. Although I do believe that a great movie needs to have good artistic expression in all ways, cinematography is likely the most important part of how the viewers understand what happens in a movie visually.

This film is great for anyone who loves movies and likes to learn about how movies are made or enjoys learning about the history of film.

For more information of Visions of Light go here.

3 and a half stars


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