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03 October 2005

Review: Prozac Nation

This movie is based on a book written by Elizabeth Wurtzel. I had known about this movie for a few years now and was waiting for its release so that I could watch it. Unfortunately it was never released in theaters and was only released in DVD format within the last few months. I guess the studio thought that it wouldn't make as much money in theaters as it would by releasing it straight to DVD.

The premise of the movie was very intriguing to me. I enjoy coming of age movies and that is exactly what this movie is. This movie is about a girl, played by Christina Ricci, who suffers from serious depression. I was also very interested in the premise since I have suffered from some of the same ailments and witnessed similar type sufferings to several people close to me in my life.

The movie started out very slow without much to keep me excited and I actually considered turning the movie off about twenty minutes in, but close to halfway through the story picked up a lot. Most of the first part of the movie was about Ricci's character going to college for the first time and experiencing several firsts while there. She began to abuse drugs and alcohol which sent her reeling into a life of depression. All of this was the boring part. Once the story started to focus on how one that is depressed acts and treats others was when the story became much more interesting. I think that overall the movie portrayed depression quite well, although depression affects everybody in a different way.

I was mostly impressed with Ricci's acting in this movie. She has been around for years and since she was a child, but more and more I am gaining respect for Ricci's acting ability. I have seen three or four movies with her in it now that I have really enjoyed her portrayal of the character. Her filmography can be found here.

This movie will be enjoyable to those that enjoy the style of most independent movies. If you like big budget movies only, you will likely dislike this movie.

2 and a half stars


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