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08 October 2005

Review: Flight Plan

Flight Plan was directed by Robert Schwentke and stars both Jodie Foster and Peter Sarsgaard. To me the trailers made this movie look like Panic Room 2 in an airplane or The Forgotten 2 in an airplane, so usually such a silly premise would turn me away entirely. Still, I had slight interest if only because I really like Peter Sarsgaard and Jodie Foster is good at pulling off suspense movies.

This film is about a woman (Foster) who loses her daughter while on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean. As she frantically tries to find her daughter she is confronted by one of the flight attendants that the plane doesn't have record of her daughter ever being on the flight. As I stated above this premise isn't anything new and it is eerily similar to the premise that the film The Forgotten sets up. Fortunately Flight Plan is much better than The Forgotten.

As I watched the first half of the movie I was more than pleasantly surprised. The movie did keep me in suspense by keeping me guessing what the twist would be or if there would be a twist at all and who the real antagonist was. Was the antagonist Jodie Foster herself? Did she really have a daughter? Why was her Daughter missing? It was questions like these that kept the suspense at a high level for me and in turn kept the movie very enjoyable. Sadly, the suspense all left a little more than halfway through the movie when all the mysteries causing the suspense were answered. Although the movie was still quite enjoyable, it could have been much better if they didn't release the mysteries of movie until the resolution. The second half of the movie was just a little better than plain boring.

Jodie Foster's filmography can be found here.

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2 and a half stars


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