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07 October 2005

Review: Batman Begins

This was the second time I had seen this movie and I liked it just as much the second time as I did the first time, which was quite a bit. As I have stated previously, I am a comic book fan and therefore am inherently a comic book movie fan. I think that Batman Begins is one of the top three or four comic book movies to come out as of yet. Barring my love for the comic book movie Sin City, I can't decide weather I like Spiderman, Spiderman 2 or Batman Begins best. Making a comparison between Spiderman and Batman is also really unfair. Yes, they are both movies based on famous comic books, but the tone to both of the comic books is very different. The Batman storyline is dark and mysterious while the Spiderman storyline is upbeat and playful. They are both spectacular comic-to-movie films in their own exciting way.

Batman Begins stars Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, and Katie Holmes. Both Bale and Neeson brought a lot to the film as they do with most projects they work on. Bale is easily the best Batman to date and Batman Begins is by far the best from the Batman franchise. Neeson shows again that not only can he carry a movie by himself but he can play great supporting characters as well. Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins, is fast becoming one of the more intriguing director talents out there. I loved his first of his well known projects- Memento, but his follow-up effort in the movie Insomnia was largely a disappointment. Batman Begins is great and he brought to the Batman franchise exactly what was needed, but it pales in comparison to the masterpiece that was Memento. I will definitely have my eye on future Nolan projects.

Anyone who enjoys action packed movies, comic book movies, or even coming of age movies should enjoy Batman Begins.

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3 and a half stars


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