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30 September 2005

Review: The Man Who Knew Too Little

This was probably about the 4th or 5th time I have seen The Man Who Knew Too Little. I am a big fan of Bill Murray comedies, and while I do like The Man Who Knew Too Little, it justed isn't as good as some of Murray's others like Groundhog Day and What About Bob.

The Premise of this movie is that a man(Murray) travels to London on a surprise visit to his brother played by Peter Gallagher. Once there Murray's character is sent to a real life theater experience but gets mixed up with a real life mafia experience. The whole time Murray's character believes he is acting and that all the people around him are acting as well, and in turn the mafia members believe that he is really a secret US agent. Obviously this is grounds for great comedy.

The movie is definitely better than most comedies out there and there are a few scenes that are as funny as just about anything that Bill Murray has done, but this movie is just that - only funny at parts. The other Murray comedies I listed above have a genuine sweetness to them because the audience develops an attachment to Murray's character and roots for him to win. In The Man Who Knew Too Little I never got that feeling for Murray's character. Neverless, it was funny and the climax was especially funny. If you are a fan of Bill Murray this is definitely a movie worth watching, but don't expect to love it the same as some of his other classics.

2 and a half stars


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