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09 August 2005

Review: Wedding Crashers

I actually had no intention of watching this movie because of how absurd it looked, but to my surprise it reviewed quite well for a movie of its type by most critics. Check out its combined reviews here. Given that Wedding Crashers reviewed much better than I anticipated I decided to give it a chance. Unfortunately I should have stuck with my original instincts.

Wedding Crashers is a two hour party movie about two guys that take advantage of women to have sex with them. I wouldn't be against a premise like this if at the end of the movie the point was made that treating women like this is digusting, and infact towards the end the film did try to make this part of the conflict but failed miserably. The main character, played by Owen Wilson, ends up losing the girl that he originally tried to trick into sleeping with him, but before he actually cons the girl into having sex with him he falls in love with her instead. Eventually the girl, played by Rachel McAdams, learns the truth and has him sent away. Wilson's character goes through a grief time for months and learns that he can't treat women as cruely as he had been and he decides to confront the girl at the wedding of his friend that actually gets away with his actions. The girl forgives him and of course the ending is happy and the guys get the girls and they fall in love all the while comedy ensues. I just didn't find it acceptable that the characters with the flaws get away scott free.

I am not foolish enough to not realize that this movie was never meant to be a serious movie and was never designed to teach life lessons; and I am okay with a certian amount of dumbness in comedies if it works well, but in this case it wasn't that funny and the characters weren't at all likable. If a movie like this isn't very funny then it doesn't have anything else to offer.

I must admit that I chuckled at a few parts of this movie, but these few laugh-out-loud moments were as empty as my admiration for this movie.

The part that baffles me more than anything is that this movie continues to do well in the box office week after week and has quickly become one of the hits of the summer. Why are my feelings toward this movie so different than most of the general public? Wedding Crachers box office numbers are here.

1 star