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24 July 2005

Review: The Interpreter

From the first time I saw the trailer of this movie up until the time I actually watched it I was never very enthused about it. Political thrillers don't normally get me excited and I have seen several that I don't like. That's not to say that a politcal thriller can't be a good movie or that I can't like it, rather my tastes in movies generally lie elswhere. Having said all that I really do like Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman as actors and they were top notch again in this movie. I would definitely rank Kidman as one of the top five female actors for film in this generation. Both Kidman and Penn made this movie click.

There was nothing too original about the movie and it followed the same tried-and-true formula for movies today, however it was entertaining and it was fun watching the protaganists work their way through the various conflicts. The movie did do a decent job of hiding who the real antagonist was through much of the movie.

The one thing that I really didn't care for about the movie was it's meaningless ending. (Spoilers Ahead) The movie could have had a perfect ending for the type of movie it was but instead we are treated with a reconciliation / hearfelt resolution between the two main characters. Throughout the entire film the audience is meant to be left wondering weather or not Penn's character and Kidman's character are enemies or not. These characters never really developed a friendship of sorts that lead me to believe they had to meet in the end to discuss the thrill of the journey that they had just encountered. I would have rather seen the movie end after climax ends with the resolution to be insinuated not actually shown.

This movie was directed by Sydney Pollack. Pollack has been a part of many great movies either as director or producer over the years. In no way did he make a movie that wasn't worth being on his resume. In my eyes The Inpterpreter was just an average movie that was entertaining while it lasted but not entertaining enough that I would ever care to see it again.

Sydney Pollack's filmography is here.

2 stars


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