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26 July 2005

Review: Fantastic Four

Over the last several years there have been many comic book movies and I enjoyed most of them quite well. I grew up reading comic books, so watching the movies is great fun to me and I probably give a lot of leeway on comic movies that I wouldn't give on other movies. While I have enjoyed most of the recent comic movies, this is the one I have really been looking forward too. Most comic fan boys grew up loving the X-Men or Spiderman, but my comic was Fantastic Four.

The weeks leading up to the release of Fantastic Four I became really nervous that the movie was going to fail miserably and therefore I went into the movie expecting trash. Instead, I enjoyed it about as well as any of the recent comic movies expect a select few.

There was nothing particularly great about any of the actors except maybe Michael Chiklis who did a pretty good job of portraying a man that had just become a beast, especially considering he wore a 60 pound suit throughout the movie. I do think that Chris Evans portrayed the Human Torch perfectly. I didn't see anything special about either Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, or Julian McMahon. After watching several episodes of Nip Tuck I expected more out of Julian McMahon, but he played Dr. Doom similarly to his Nip Tuck character.

I wasn't too thrilled about how the movie portrayed Dr. Doom and I think that could have been done much, much better. I loved the dysfunctional family atmosphere that they played up because that is essentially what the Fantastic Four are. The comics have a lot more plots of a cosmic nature and that would have been nice too.

I thought it was a fun summer movie and enjoyed it throughout. I know that it did poorly with most reviewers but as I said before as a comic fan it works for me. To see the combined reviews of The Fantastic Four check here.

3 stars


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