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02 July 2005

Review: The Door In The Floor

This film was sad, funny, disturbing, painful and enjoyable all throughout. I think it's rare that a movie can bring out all of these types of emotions at once which in the end provided a pleasant viewing experience for me. As expected the acting of Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges was marvelous(I don't know if I have seen Bridges in anything I don't like). Jon Foster, an actor I had never seen in a large role before performed quite well too.

At the very beginning the movie introduces a tragedy that had happened years before to its main characters. As the movie goes along there are more and more hints to the tragedy, but as the viewer you have no idea what the tragic event that the characters experienced was. This tragedy obviously sets the tone for the whole movie. The way in which each character reacts to this tragedy years later while not knowing what the tragedy is as the viewer is what makes the movie so enchanting.

Overall I liked it quite a bit. There was not a lot to dislike. It took a little while to get going and for me to get into it, but the factor that bothered me the most at the beginning of the movie ended up being one of the things I liked the most - not knowing the tragedy.

The movie was written and directed by Tod Williams. This is the first movie I have seen of his. His filmography is here. This movie was based on Part 1 of the book A Widow For One Year written by John Irving.

3 stars


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