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24 June 2005

Review: Machinist

I must say that after looking forward to watching The Machinist for so long that after finally watching it I was a little disapointed. (Spoiler Alert Ahead!) Overall it was an entertaining and enjoyable film, but quite frankly I am sick of the schizophrenia / multiple personality disorder plot-line. It's an overused cliche used in films today. It seems as though every movie that wants to be a phychological thriller anymore puts some form of schizophrenia in its storyline. It's true that it all made sense that this would all happen to a man who hadn't slept in a year, but I for one expected a little more out of the writer of The Machinist to come up with something a little more original than multiple personality disorder for a man who hadn't slept in a year.

With all that said, I think the rest of the movie was marvelous. The acting in particular. Christian Bale has easliy jumped to my watch list with his performance here. It doesn't hurt that I saw him the night before in Batman Begins and witnessed such contrasting perfromances. Furthermore, how can you argue anything but a spectacular peformance when a man loses 60+ pounds for a role. He looked near death to me. Although it wasn't just his weight loss that did the trick, he fully portrayed a man that seemed to have not slept in a year to me. I was also very impressed with the rest of the cast, particularly Jennifer Jason Leigh. I feel that the movie had a good overall effect at portraying insomnia. If it weren't for the schizoprenia-laced plot line I would have like the movie much more. Even so, it still gets a high rating.

3 stars


At 1:05 PM, Blogger Yave said...

The ending was kind of cheap. But I liked watching the bleak, surreal world Bale inhabited. The paranoia, fear, and feelings of powerlessness that infused his daily life were a window into what mentally ill people might go through. The way he projected his self-hatred and remorse onto a non-existent figure moving through an apathetic world to kill him illustrated a basic human tendency to blame others for our own failings. And yes, Bale's freakish appearance added a roadside accident element to the film--I couldn't turn away.
Didn't like Batman so much, though.


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