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26 June 2005

Review: Hudsucker Proxy

I was at the Hollywood Video store the other night looking for a movie and found a real gem! Although I consider myself a fan of the Coen brothers, I was unaware of this movie that they had made in 1994. What's more?! They collaborated with another favorite writer/director of mine, Sam Raimi for its writing credits, which almost certaintly explains why Bruce Campbell was cast in it.

Like most Coen brothers movies this movie was fun in a peculiar, bizarre kind of way. Most directors and writers are afraid or unwilling to take these types of risks that the Coen brothers do over and over again which is one reason why these days most movies coming out aren't any good. Even the Coen brothers with their risks miss once in a while (The Ladykillers), but more often than not their movies turn out to be classics.

The acting was wonderful, and I was particularly impressed with Jennifer Jason Leigh. The set design was great and the movie truly looked like what I would have invisioned 1950's New York City to look like. There were parts in the movie when the actors spoke so fast that you could not understand what they were saying unless you concentrated really hard. I know that I likely missed a lot in those parts, and this was definitely part of the tone of the movie. This is absolutely a movie I want to see again at some point. The theme of the movie that came across to me was that when all seems to be lost in life that it really isn't.

While I did enjoy The Hudsucker Proxy I did think that it dragged at parts and I assume that this could be due to the fact that much of the dialogue of the movie I missed because of the speed at which the actors spoke it. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the movie and the acting in particular.

2 and a half stars


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