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26 June 2005

Jennifer Jason Leigh

I have never had Jennifer Jason Leigh on my radar as an actress to watch in movies before, but she just happened to be in the last two movies that I watched and I just so happened to be particularly impressed with her in both of them, especially her performance in The Hudsucker proxy. As I thought about it, the only movie I could think of that I had seen her in before the most recent two was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After doing a quick search on IMDB I quickly learned that I had seen her in The Jacket and The Road to Perdition as well. Considering that I have seen her act in so few movies I am very pleased to learn that she is indeed a good actress and that I will have many more movies with her in them to choose from. Hopefully the next time I watch a movie with her in it I won't be disapointed by her performance. Here is Jennifer Jason Leigh's filmography.


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