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08 October 2005

Review: Flight Plan

Flight Plan was directed by Robert Schwentke and stars both Jodie Foster and Peter Sarsgaard. To me the trailers made this movie look like Panic Room 2 in an airplane or The Forgotten 2 in an airplane, so usually such a silly premise would turn me away entirely. Still, I had slight interest if only because I really like Peter Sarsgaard and Jodie Foster is good at pulling off suspense movies.

This film is about a woman (Foster) who loses her daughter while on a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean. As she frantically tries to find her daughter she is confronted by one of the flight attendants that the plane doesn't have record of her daughter ever being on the flight. As I stated above this premise isn't anything new and it is eerily similar to the premise that the film The Forgotten sets up. Fortunately Flight Plan is much better than The Forgotten.

As I watched the first half of the movie I was more than pleasantly surprised. The movie did keep me in suspense by keeping me guessing what the twist would be or if there would be a twist at all and who the real antagonist was. Was the antagonist Jodie Foster herself? Did she really have a daughter? Why was her Daughter missing? It was questions like these that kept the suspense at a high level for me and in turn kept the movie very enjoyable. Sadly, the suspense all left a little more than halfway through the movie when all the mysteries causing the suspense were answered. Although the movie was still quite enjoyable, it could have been much better if they didn't release the mysteries of movie until the resolution. The second half of the movie was just a little better than plain boring.

Jodie Foster's filmography can be found here.

Peter Sarsgaard's filmography can be found here.

2 and a half stars

07 October 2005

Review: Batman Begins

This was the second time I had seen this movie and I liked it just as much the second time as I did the first time, which was quite a bit. As I have stated previously, I am a comic book fan and therefore am inherently a comic book movie fan. I think that Batman Begins is one of the top three or four comic book movies to come out as of yet. Barring my love for the comic book movie Sin City, I can't decide weather I like Spiderman, Spiderman 2 or Batman Begins best. Making a comparison between Spiderman and Batman is also really unfair. Yes, they are both movies based on famous comic books, but the tone to both of the comic books is very different. The Batman storyline is dark and mysterious while the Spiderman storyline is upbeat and playful. They are both spectacular comic-to-movie films in their own exciting way.

Batman Begins stars Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, and Katie Holmes. Both Bale and Neeson brought a lot to the film as they do with most projects they work on. Bale is easily the best Batman to date and Batman Begins is by far the best from the Batman franchise. Neeson shows again that not only can he carry a movie by himself but he can play great supporting characters as well. Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins, is fast becoming one of the more intriguing director talents out there. I loved his first of his well known projects- Memento, but his follow-up effort in the movie Insomnia was largely a disappointment. Batman Begins is great and he brought to the Batman franchise exactly what was needed, but it pales in comparison to the masterpiece that was Memento. I will definitely have my eye on future Nolan projects.

Anyone who enjoys action packed movies, comic book movies, or even coming of age movies should enjoy Batman Begins.

Christian Bale's filmography can be found here.

Liam Neeson's filmography can be found here.

Christopher Nolan's filmography can be found here.

3 and a half stars

04 October 2005

Review: 13 Going On 30

When I first saw the trailer for this movie a few years ago I immediately thought that this movie is "Big" with a girl rather than a boy. I was amused by a few of the punch lines in the trailer, but overall I couldn't imagine enjoying or even wanting to watch a knockoff of one of the better Tom Hanks movies (Big) out there. I finally decided to watch this movie the other night because I was bored and had nothing to do and my sister owned a copy.

The movie has nothing original to tell nor does it have a new refreshing way of telling a story. It does have, however, Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo as its main characters. Garner and Ruffalo are a treat to watch together on screen. They have a great deal of onscreen chemistry, and they both possess the quality in actors that make us want to watch them more. This is the main reason why this movie works. While the story has already been done and been done much better, it is obviously a story that the general public enjoys. Combine this with the wonderful Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo and all the sudden the movie is fun to watch. That's basically what this movie was for me "fun to watch."

For pure entertainment purposes this movie is a winner. It's not the best or worst movie of its kind but it has a way of making you care about the characters and what happens to them. It is an above average entertaining movie. Jennifer Garner's filmography is here. Mark Ruffalo's filmography is here.

2 and a half stars

03 October 2005

Review: Prozac Nation

This movie is based on a book written by Elizabeth Wurtzel. I had known about this movie for a few years now and was waiting for its release so that I could watch it. Unfortunately it was never released in theaters and was only released in DVD format within the last few months. I guess the studio thought that it wouldn't make as much money in theaters as it would by releasing it straight to DVD.

The premise of the movie was very intriguing to me. I enjoy coming of age movies and that is exactly what this movie is. This movie is about a girl, played by Christina Ricci, who suffers from serious depression. I was also very interested in the premise since I have suffered from some of the same ailments and witnessed similar type sufferings to several people close to me in my life.

The movie started out very slow without much to keep me excited and I actually considered turning the movie off about twenty minutes in, but close to halfway through the story picked up a lot. Most of the first part of the movie was about Ricci's character going to college for the first time and experiencing several firsts while there. She began to abuse drugs and alcohol which sent her reeling into a life of depression. All of this was the boring part. Once the story started to focus on how one that is depressed acts and treats others was when the story became much more interesting. I think that overall the movie portrayed depression quite well, although depression affects everybody in a different way.

I was mostly impressed with Ricci's acting in this movie. She has been around for years and since she was a child, but more and more I am gaining respect for Ricci's acting ability. I have seen three or four movies with her in it now that I have really enjoyed her portrayal of the character. Her filmography can be found here.

This movie will be enjoyable to those that enjoy the style of most independent movies. If you like big budget movies only, you will likely dislike this movie.

2 and a half stars

02 October 2005

Review: Visions of Light

Visions of Light is a documentary made in 1992 about the art of cinematography. The documentary starts at the beginning of the history of film and explains the ever evolving art of cinematography. Throughout the movie several directors of photography (also known as cinematographers) are interviewed and asked questions that pertain directly to what exactly cinematography is and how it has become what it is today.

The first segment of the documentary focused on the era of silent films. Many of the cinematographers expressed that this era was excellent for cinematography because they were forced to tell a story visually and without dialogue. It was noted that once movies with sound came in that there was a drop-off of quality in a lot of the movies. As the industry evolved from black and white to color the cinematographers explained various techniques of lighting and camera angles to tell a story.

After viewing this documentary it has become obvious to me that the cinematographer’s duties are as important as anything when it comes to making a good overall movie. Although I do believe that a great movie needs to have good artistic expression in all ways, cinematography is likely the most important part of how the viewers understand what happens in a movie visually.

This film is great for anyone who loves movies and likes to learn about how movies are made or enjoys learning about the history of film.

For more information of Visions of Light go here.

3 and a half stars

30 September 2005

Review: The Man Who Knew Too Little

This was probably about the 4th or 5th time I have seen The Man Who Knew Too Little. I am a big fan of Bill Murray comedies, and while I do like The Man Who Knew Too Little, it justed isn't as good as some of Murray's others like Groundhog Day and What About Bob.

The Premise of this movie is that a man(Murray) travels to London on a surprise visit to his brother played by Peter Gallagher. Once there Murray's character is sent to a real life theater experience but gets mixed up with a real life mafia experience. The whole time Murray's character believes he is acting and that all the people around him are acting as well, and in turn the mafia members believe that he is really a secret US agent. Obviously this is grounds for great comedy.

The movie is definitely better than most comedies out there and there are a few scenes that are as funny as just about anything that Bill Murray has done, but this movie is just that - only funny at parts. The other Murray comedies I listed above have a genuine sweetness to them because the audience develops an attachment to Murray's character and roots for him to win. In The Man Who Knew Too Little I never got that feeling for Murray's character. Neverless, it was funny and the climax was especially funny. If you are a fan of Bill Murray this is definitely a movie worth watching, but don't expect to love it the same as some of his other classics.

2 and a half stars

29 September 2005

Review: Rear Window

I have never been disapointed by an Alfred Hitchcock film and Rear Window was no exception, although I still have many more of his movies yet to watch. I had seen this movie years ago but remembered little of it except that I enjoyed it.

Rear Window is a movie about a man with a brocken leg that has been couped up in his New York City apartment for six weeks in a wheelchair with nothing to do but watch the neighbors through the window. The movie has several small storylines going on that mesh well with the overall story of a possible witnessed murder. This possible murder was witnessed by the main character, L. B. Jefferies, played by James Stewart. This movie has a small cast and is filmed entirely on a set made to look like a series of New York City apartments in the fifties. This all worked very well in the movie to give the audience a voyeuristic sense of what was going on. As an audience member you get the feeling that you are caught up in the small apartment and get a sense of how easily we all contain voyeurism-like traits of our own. (Maybe this is why reality television is so popular.)

Alfred Hitchcock is a master at expressing a story by film in many ways. The first shot of the movie tells you about all the characters, who they are, what they do, and what their ambitions are without a single word of dialogue. Hitchock uses set design, camera angles, costume, lighting, and more to interweave the several small storylines with the main story to make it all just make perfect sense in the end.

James Stewart was a joy to watch as he normally is. I wouldn't consider him an excellent actor but he plays parts in such a way that make the characters likable and interesting. This is the only movie I have seen with Grace Kelly and as far as I am concerned she didn't add or take away much of anything to the film. I will have to see more of her work before I make much more of a decision how good of an actress she is. Her filmography can be found here.

It's not too often that movies can make me feel a great deal of suspense these days and that is exactly what Rear Window did for me. The movie has a very suspenseful final scene which I found Thoroughly enjoyable. I know now, or rather I have been reminded that when I am looking for a movie with good suspense that any Hitchcock movie will do.

3 and a half stars

28 September 2005

Review: Salinuie Chueok (Memories of Murder)

(Spoilers Ahead)

Salinui Chueok or in English, Memories of Murder is an excellent Korean film. This is a true story made into a movie about the first known Korean serial killer. It was released in Korea in 2003 and directed by Joon-ho Bong.

This is the third Korean movie I have seen and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I will definitely be spending more time watching Korean cinema in the future. I think that the most fascinating thing about this movie is that it is hardly similar in any way to American crime drama movies. It was very intriguing to watch the way in which the Korean culture (or at least the culture portrayed on film) depicted crime solving and the contrast to what I am used to seeing in American crime solving. All of this is was very refreshing.

While I am not at all familiar with Korean actors, I was really impressed with the acting in this film. There were three main detectives in this movie all working to solve the crime. Each one of the detectives brought an exciting, intriguing chemistry to the film. The man who played the main detective is named Song Kang-ho. Here is a short biography on him.

There wasn't a single moment during the movie that I wasn't fully entrenched into it's storyline. These days with so many recycled plot lines in movies that's a difficult feat.

The ending was left very open ended, although this crime was never fully solved and the killer was never caught, so the real life story is still very much open ended as well. So in other words, it didn't have a Hollywood ending, which can be very energizing in a today's film world.

I didn't know anything about the movie beforehand, so I was expecting the ending to have a big twist like most crime movies do anymore. The fact that I felt entirely content when there was no twist when I was expecting one proves to me that a good story is a good story and doesn't need any tweaking.

I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys independent or foreign movies. Each scene was shot well and there was a great amount of suspense throughout. It's rare that a movie get me to feel much suspense these days.

Here is a great site for Korean cinema information

3 and a half stars

09 August 2005

Review: Wedding Crashers

I actually had no intention of watching this movie because of how absurd it looked, but to my surprise it reviewed quite well for a movie of its type by most critics. Check out its combined reviews here. Given that Wedding Crashers reviewed much better than I anticipated I decided to give it a chance. Unfortunately I should have stuck with my original instincts.

Wedding Crashers is a two hour party movie about two guys that take advantage of women to have sex with them. I wouldn't be against a premise like this if at the end of the movie the point was made that treating women like this is digusting, and infact towards the end the film did try to make this part of the conflict but failed miserably. The main character, played by Owen Wilson, ends up losing the girl that he originally tried to trick into sleeping with him, but before he actually cons the girl into having sex with him he falls in love with her instead. Eventually the girl, played by Rachel McAdams, learns the truth and has him sent away. Wilson's character goes through a grief time for months and learns that he can't treat women as cruely as he had been and he decides to confront the girl at the wedding of his friend that actually gets away with his actions. The girl forgives him and of course the ending is happy and the guys get the girls and they fall in love all the while comedy ensues. I just didn't find it acceptable that the characters with the flaws get away scott free.

I am not foolish enough to not realize that this movie was never meant to be a serious movie and was never designed to teach life lessons; and I am okay with a certian amount of dumbness in comedies if it works well, but in this case it wasn't that funny and the characters weren't at all likable. If a movie like this isn't very funny then it doesn't have anything else to offer.

I must admit that I chuckled at a few parts of this movie, but these few laugh-out-loud moments were as empty as my admiration for this movie.

The part that baffles me more than anything is that this movie continues to do well in the box office week after week and has quickly become one of the hits of the summer. Why are my feelings toward this movie so different than most of the general public? Wedding Crachers box office numbers are here.

1 star

26 July 2005

Review: Fantastic Four

Over the last several years there have been many comic book movies and I enjoyed most of them quite well. I grew up reading comic books, so watching the movies is great fun to me and I probably give a lot of leeway on comic movies that I wouldn't give on other movies. While I have enjoyed most of the recent comic movies, this is the one I have really been looking forward too. Most comic fan boys grew up loving the X-Men or Spiderman, but my comic was Fantastic Four.

The weeks leading up to the release of Fantastic Four I became really nervous that the movie was going to fail miserably and therefore I went into the movie expecting trash. Instead, I enjoyed it about as well as any of the recent comic movies expect a select few.

There was nothing particularly great about any of the actors except maybe Michael Chiklis who did a pretty good job of portraying a man that had just become a beast, especially considering he wore a 60 pound suit throughout the movie. I do think that Chris Evans portrayed the Human Torch perfectly. I didn't see anything special about either Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd, or Julian McMahon. After watching several episodes of Nip Tuck I expected more out of Julian McMahon, but he played Dr. Doom similarly to his Nip Tuck character.

I wasn't too thrilled about how the movie portrayed Dr. Doom and I think that could have been done much, much better. I loved the dysfunctional family atmosphere that they played up because that is essentially what the Fantastic Four are. The comics have a lot more plots of a cosmic nature and that would have been nice too.

I thought it was a fun summer movie and enjoyed it throughout. I know that it did poorly with most reviewers but as I said before as a comic fan it works for me. To see the combined reviews of The Fantastic Four check here.

3 stars

24 July 2005

Review: The Interpreter

From the first time I saw the trailer of this movie up until the time I actually watched it I was never very enthused about it. Political thrillers don't normally get me excited and I have seen several that I don't like. That's not to say that a politcal thriller can't be a good movie or that I can't like it, rather my tastes in movies generally lie elswhere. Having said all that I really do like Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman as actors and they were top notch again in this movie. I would definitely rank Kidman as one of the top five female actors for film in this generation. Both Kidman and Penn made this movie click.

There was nothing too original about the movie and it followed the same tried-and-true formula for movies today, however it was entertaining and it was fun watching the protaganists work their way through the various conflicts. The movie did do a decent job of hiding who the real antagonist was through much of the movie.

The one thing that I really didn't care for about the movie was it's meaningless ending. (Spoilers Ahead) The movie could have had a perfect ending for the type of movie it was but instead we are treated with a reconciliation / hearfelt resolution between the two main characters. Throughout the entire film the audience is meant to be left wondering weather or not Penn's character and Kidman's character are enemies or not. These characters never really developed a friendship of sorts that lead me to believe they had to meet in the end to discuss the thrill of the journey that they had just encountered. I would have rather seen the movie end after climax ends with the resolution to be insinuated not actually shown.

This movie was directed by Sydney Pollack. Pollack has been a part of many great movies either as director or producer over the years. In no way did he make a movie that wasn't worth being on his resume. In my eyes The Inpterpreter was just an average movie that was entertaining while it lasted but not entertaining enough that I would ever care to see it again.

Sydney Pollack's filmography is here.

2 stars

14 July 2005

Review: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

I had been looking forward to seeing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for a long time due to the fact that it was filmed entirely on location and against a blue screen. According to this site, it was one of the first movies and maybe even the first movie to do so. While I enjoyed Sky Captain I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I had seen it before I had seen Sin City since Sin City also was also filmed entirely against a blue screen. Sin City's digital effects due to the blue screen technique were just much, much better than Sky Captain's were. With that said Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was still a fun movie. The digital effects were superb and enthralling throughout.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow had a comic book feel to it. You know the good guy is going to win in the end but you really enjoy watching the hero save the world from peril. This movie is not only a science fiction movie but an alternate history / science fiction movie. The setting of this movie is in the 1930's with an evil German scientist that has created earth-terrorizing machines to hatch his evil plan.

After doing a little research I learned that Sky Captain plays homage to many of the science fiction movies of the 1930's as well as many other movies of yesteryear. I have always wanted to go back and watch the old movies that paved the way to today but never have, so I couldn't say what is and isn't similar with Sky Captain. This does, however, give me a great reason to go back and watch and gain an appreciation for the older movies before my time.

I also enjoyed the acting of this movie quite a bit. Gweneth Paltrow and Jude Law almost always impress me and this movie was no exception. I am also starting to gain a greater appreciation for Giovanni Ribisi who played a supporting role in this movie. The first few times I remember seeing Ribisi was on the well known sitcom Friends where he plays a dopey brother to Phoebe. Needless to say I was not very impressed, but the more and more I see him in various roles I am learning how much talent he really has.

This movie is good but not excellent. The plot is nothing original. It is what it is... It's fun, exciting, full of groundbreaking digital effects, and just all around exciting.

2 and half stars

09 July 2005

Review: War of the Worlds

Ah the destruction movie, and in this case it's aliens demolishing the planet city by city. Sounds just like Independance Day. Actually, sacrasm aside, I went into this movie with the idea that it had a great shot at being a good science fiction movie. It had a lot going for it going in, it's based on one the the most famous science fiction stories of all time written by H.G. Wells, it was directed by Steven Spielberg, and it stars Tom Cruise. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it like I had hoped.

(Light Spoilers Ahead)
Even though Independance Day came out nine years ago in the summer of 1996, and even though War of the Worlds and Independance Day have their differences, I really feel that War of the Worlds was too similar of a movie to Idependance Day. I can really only think of one specific difference that made War of the Worlds much different than Independance Day and that is that this time around the peril and destruction came from the perspective of the civilians rather than the government. Spielberg promised us that he would modernize H.G. Wells's version written in 1898, which he did, but Roland Emmerich's Independance Day did a much better job of modernizing H.G. Wells's novel than Speilberg did - and that was nine years ago. The virus that ended up killing the Aliens in War of the Worlds was used in a more exciting modern way in Independance Day as a computer virus.

Tom Cruise didn't do much for me this time around. In reality, barring his performance in Magnolia I have never considered Cruise that great of an actor. He normally plays one of the same variations of his intense self and he is good at it, and most of time it's entertaining. This time, however, I didn't like him apreciate his performance. Maybe the fact that Tom Cruise has vilified himself in media with his strong opinions about psychiatry ruined my enjoyment of his acting before I even got a chance to see the movie, or maybe it's just that I couldn't relate with the character Cruise played. It's probably a little of both.

While War of the Worlds certainly had it's entertainment value, it really started to lose some steam about half way through. I was really hoping that the movie would get more interesting, but after the initial destruction sequence the movie quickly lost its allure. The climax of the movie was much less thrilling than it should have been considering how the movie started. The movie began with a bang and ended with a crackle.

It seems that I am one of the few that didn't think much of this movie (here is what the critics said at Metactritic), so others might enjoy it better than me. In as much as I was dissapointed by the movie, it wasn't terrible and was at least entertaining enough that three quarters of the way through I still had high hopes for it, but as far as I am concerned Independance Day is a much better movie about the same thing.

2 stars

02 July 2005

Review: The Door In The Floor

This film was sad, funny, disturbing, painful and enjoyable all throughout. I think it's rare that a movie can bring out all of these types of emotions at once which in the end provided a pleasant viewing experience for me. As expected the acting of Kim Basinger and Jeff Bridges was marvelous(I don't know if I have seen Bridges in anything I don't like). Jon Foster, an actor I had never seen in a large role before performed quite well too.

At the very beginning the movie introduces a tragedy that had happened years before to its main characters. As the movie goes along there are more and more hints to the tragedy, but as the viewer you have no idea what the tragic event that the characters experienced was. This tragedy obviously sets the tone for the whole movie. The way in which each character reacts to this tragedy years later while not knowing what the tragedy is as the viewer is what makes the movie so enchanting.

Overall I liked it quite a bit. There was not a lot to dislike. It took a little while to get going and for me to get into it, but the factor that bothered me the most at the beginning of the movie ended up being one of the things I liked the most - not knowing the tragedy.

The movie was written and directed by Tod Williams. This is the first movie I have seen of his. His filmography is here. This movie was based on Part 1 of the book A Widow For One Year written by John Irving.

3 stars

01 July 2005

Brocken Flowers Trailer

I just watched a trailer for a movie coming out this fall in limited release called Brocken Flowers. It stars Bill Murry, Jessica Lange, and Sharon Stone among others. It was directed by Jim Jarmusch. I did a quick look of his other work on IMDB and I have yet to see any of his other projects to this point. I was very interesed in Coffee and Cigarettes after I saw the trailer last year but never got around to it and I heard a bad review from a friend. Nonetheless, Brocken Flowers looks like it could be excellent! Take a look for yourself with this trailer.
Here is a link to Jarmusch's Filmogrophy.

26 June 2005

Jennifer Jason Leigh

I have never had Jennifer Jason Leigh on my radar as an actress to watch in movies before, but she just happened to be in the last two movies that I watched and I just so happened to be particularly impressed with her in both of them, especially her performance in The Hudsucker proxy. As I thought about it, the only movie I could think of that I had seen her in before the most recent two was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. After doing a quick search on IMDB I quickly learned that I had seen her in The Jacket and The Road to Perdition as well. Considering that I have seen her act in so few movies I am very pleased to learn that she is indeed a good actress and that I will have many more movies with her in them to choose from. Hopefully the next time I watch a movie with her in it I won't be disapointed by her performance. Here is Jennifer Jason Leigh's filmography.

Review: Hudsucker Proxy

I was at the Hollywood Video store the other night looking for a movie and found a real gem! Although I consider myself a fan of the Coen brothers, I was unaware of this movie that they had made in 1994. What's more?! They collaborated with another favorite writer/director of mine, Sam Raimi for its writing credits, which almost certaintly explains why Bruce Campbell was cast in it.

Like most Coen brothers movies this movie was fun in a peculiar, bizarre kind of way. Most directors and writers are afraid or unwilling to take these types of risks that the Coen brothers do over and over again which is one reason why these days most movies coming out aren't any good. Even the Coen brothers with their risks miss once in a while (The Ladykillers), but more often than not their movies turn out to be classics.

The acting was wonderful, and I was particularly impressed with Jennifer Jason Leigh. The set design was great and the movie truly looked like what I would have invisioned 1950's New York City to look like. There were parts in the movie when the actors spoke so fast that you could not understand what they were saying unless you concentrated really hard. I know that I likely missed a lot in those parts, and this was definitely part of the tone of the movie. This is absolutely a movie I want to see again at some point. The theme of the movie that came across to me was that when all seems to be lost in life that it really isn't.

While I did enjoy The Hudsucker Proxy I did think that it dragged at parts and I assume that this could be due to the fact that much of the dialogue of the movie I missed because of the speed at which the actors spoke it. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the movie and the acting in particular.

2 and a half stars

24 June 2005

Review: Machinist

I must say that after looking forward to watching The Machinist for so long that after finally watching it I was a little disapointed. (Spoiler Alert Ahead!) Overall it was an entertaining and enjoyable film, but quite frankly I am sick of the schizophrenia / multiple personality disorder plot-line. It's an overused cliche used in films today. It seems as though every movie that wants to be a phychological thriller anymore puts some form of schizophrenia in its storyline. It's true that it all made sense that this would all happen to a man who hadn't slept in a year, but I for one expected a little more out of the writer of The Machinist to come up with something a little more original than multiple personality disorder for a man who hadn't slept in a year.

With all that said, I think the rest of the movie was marvelous. The acting in particular. Christian Bale has easliy jumped to my watch list with his performance here. It doesn't hurt that I saw him the night before in Batman Begins and witnessed such contrasting perfromances. Furthermore, how can you argue anything but a spectacular peformance when a man loses 60+ pounds for a role. He looked near death to me. Although it wasn't just his weight loss that did the trick, he fully portrayed a man that seemed to have not slept in a year to me. I was also very impressed with the rest of the cast, particularly Jennifer Jason Leigh. I feel that the movie had a good overall effect at portraying insomnia. If it weren't for the schizoprenia-laced plot line I would have like the movie much more. Even so, it still gets a high rating.

3 stars

Review Scale Announced

For all movies that I review for this blog I will use the following scale:
Four stars = Excellent movie
Three and a half stars = Nearly flawless
Three stars = Great movie, a few noticable weak spots
Two and a half stars = Above average movie, some very noticable weak points, better than most
Two stars = Very average movie, still entertaining at points, several glaring weakness's
One and a half stars = Mediocre movie, most of its entertainment value is gone
One star = Poorly made movie, not entertaining

23 June 2005

Cinegab Begins!

I have been playing around with starting a blog devoted to movies/film for a while now and I finally decided to do it. The goal to start with is to have a place to discuss movies with my friends and to keep record of our discussions. I will post reviews of movies and discuss topics in the movie industry past, present and future that interests me. Over the years I have gathered a large list of movie sites around the internet that I will use and link to for various information and reasons. I hope this blog finds you at any future date as a compelling place to learn and discuss film.